A New Start

December 24, 2014




I quit my job a few months ago because I wanted to focus on something I could be really passionate about and something that didn’t constrain my creative juices. I’ve always felt like a free spirit, always ready to be on the go. I want the world. I want  to explore new places, meet new people and make new memories always.

The Yellow Hare came about because I wanted a platform to share the things I love and the things I love to do. Why the Yellow Hare? A hare is  an agile creature both of the mind and body while yellow is the color of creativity, optimism and enlightenment. No other two words seemed so perfect to what I hope to achieve in this blog. It’s an expression of my of my everyday life and I couldn’t be happier to share it with all of you.


Photos by: Adriana Abrantes, Allan Abrantes, Miami Skydiving Center

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