The Biltmore

December 24, 2014



Elizabeth and James Blouse / Zara Skirt / New Look Clutch /  Nine West Shoes


With it’s rich history and beautiful views the Biltmore Hotel is one of my favorite places in Miami. It’s always a joy getting to go there and experience it’s beauty and specially it’s amazing food. Miami certainly has an allure and the Biltmore can make you feel enchanted.

As I start this blog site I ask that you guys be patient with me as I finesse everything. It’s a complicated process and as I’m a perfectionist it can sometimes take me longer than it should. I’ve been told that I can over think things but in this instance I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. I want to create for you guys content that tells a story. That has allure and most of all content that demonstrates a quality I can be proud of.

I love wearing the unexpected, specially when it come to accessories. My new clutch from New Look was such a fun touch to an outfit and a definite conversation starter. The mix of textures in a monochromatic palate is a go to for me for a night out and this outfit ended up being more fun than expected to put together .

 Photos By: Carlos Flores

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