Foz Do Iguaçu

February 9, 2015

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I’ve been sitting here with my computer for over an hour attempting to figure out how to start this post. It seems that attempting to explain my experience to the Iguazu Falls in my home country of Brazil is a lot harder than I thought. The thing is that it was to me a changing experience in how I see the world. When I tell you that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I am understating it. I was completely blown away by this wonder

It was a rainy day and I thought that it would completely ruin how I experienced everything but I was far from wrong. Here is how the day went.

The Brazilian side of the Falls has plenty to offer and being surrounded by the greenery during my short hike first thing in the morning was purifying. The picturesque hike was a perfect start to an incredible day and was followed by an amazing rafting experience.  I got to see all angles of the Iguazu Falls and one of my favorite moments included getting real close and right under the falling water during the river rafting.  The rafting was followed by a delicious lunch at the Restaurante Porto Canoas overlooking the falls. It had a great selection of both Brazilian staples and other international foods and was a perfect location and view to take a break before continuing on our Iguazu experience. The rest of the trip was done by walking the trail of the “cataratas” and experiencing breath taking panoramic views of Iguazu.

This was a day filled with euphoria, a day that will forever stay with me and an experience that I hope to have again and again. 

To plan your trip:  Cataratas Do Iguaçu 

Photos by Adriana Abrantes

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