May 26, 2015


unconditionally breathtaking and serene area



After a crazy month of traveling, I have finally been able to sit down and sort through my photos. I still have so much content from Texas to post and now San Francisco has been added to the list. I’m trying to get as many photos posted as I can before I leave for a month in Brazil. 

Visiting the Hamilton Pool Preserve just outside of Austin has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It made me act like a giddy child the whole ride there. It was unconditionally breathtaking and serene. After a short hike through some exquisite greenery we finally reached the natural preserve. The sun was radiant that day and made the water glisten in perfection that I couldn’t help but jump in, clothing and all.

It was a gratifying day soaking up the sun and beauty of that natural treasure. It was easily one of those days where I realized how amazing life really is.

Learn more about Hamilton Pool

Photos by Adriana Abrantes

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